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You Will Never Find Peace

by Deathsomnia

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I didn't sleep I watched the flame creep from twig to twig I didn't sleep I watched the sea swallow Atlantis In the mist In the warm and glowing wind The sea-priestess in a dew-soaked dress Calling forth a vision untamed I surrender to change The past drifts away I'm still awake So you think you can keep back the sea A reincarnation fantasy
Akinesia 03:32
Lucid But not in control Pushed down It’s not personal My foe, the whispering revenant I’m emaciated It’s so easy for you You rouse the demons But not me I’m lying here Stuck in between Like devil’s spawn, hissing in his sleep A silent shout, can’t break free It’s so easy for you My foe, the whispering revenant I’m emaciated It’s so easy for you Like devil’s spawn, hissing in his sleep Like devil
Let it go Let it go The edge of the truth The weight of all unspoken Scratching your throat Let it go Let it go A cathartic release With no resolution Just another beginning Take me down One last time What is waiting for us One last time Let it go Let it go The end of the maze When all reason breaks down Reality frays Let it go Let it go No relief Roaming aimless When will it cease? Let me go Let me go
Dysphoria 03:44
Stay where you are You’re standing here, but you’ve never been so far Say where you’ve been The curved mirror The altered avatar Dysphoria (sad little bugged out face) Dysphoria (wrong size, misplaced) I ascend, unbound Say anything You’re standing here, only take what you bring Say where you’ve been I’m waiting here, to be heard again
Undo it Erase these thoughts Stop the clocks Descending In eternal return Find me there Far from the splendor of the sun Through the door to the north I'm in the dirt Find me there Foolish oh Knowledge of how it could be so different Never more What I was before Evolving Nevermore
Open My Eyes 02:42
Who are you? What you've done? Where you came from? So you live in the mirror and you can do you can do you can do whatever? Yeah I know it's no good for me Now there's two of us And I did it to did it to did it to myself yeah Open my eyes Electric light Are we falling faster? No backing out No slowing down No truce with the furies
A sight to behold Filled your dance card Saw the show The sky was blissed pink Over the atolls Hold me now I will never find peace It’s a wilful force of self-sabotage And I’m on my knees I will never find peace And I’m on my knees To watch this unfold It could almost make you Think that you saw god
Ease back to consciousness Isn’t it so grotesque Violence is the climate Found an outlet harmless Don’t be afraid to let your body die One being One flesh One being One flesh Reality is a vision Sensation, stimulation Solitude
Wastelands 02:39
Wastelands of neon lights Broken ground Not a soul in sight Fluid and crude We follow the noise Not one of the girls Not one of the boys Wearing angst like a costume And death is our perfume We’re forever free In virtual dreams Wastelands of neon lights Sorrows shaped like city skyline


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Darkwave up-and-comers Deathsomnia are a UK/EUR-based three-piece who bring forth a sound that emanates from dystopian punk soundscapes enveloped in raw emotion, industrial climactic momentum and live energy. Today, they’ve announced their extraordinary ten-track debut album You Will Never Find Peace, set for release on September 3rd via Isolation Records. Today, the trio — featuring Kadri Sammel (Bedless Bones), Richard Powley (Telepathy) and Bruno Russo — have unveiled the album’s industrial-tinged first single, “Katabasis,” which features contributions from Kyle Kimball (of NOTHING + Night Sins). The track showcases the band’s ability to capture a balance between punk guitar rawness and ethereal synth tones. While the song’s title refers to the loss of voluntary movement, the marching drum pattern and pounding rhythm induce a high energy reaction impossible not to dance to.

Kimball comments, "When I heard Katabasis I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Deadly serious but danceable with straight to the point lyrics. Deathsomnia made me a fan immediately. Here’s to descending…”

The creative synergy between Deathsomnia’s multi-instrumentalist members  and their individual punk, hardcore and electronica backgrounds, are the source for You Will Never Find Peace’s unique dystopian punk and industrial sound and genre-bending originality. Their groovy riffs and crashing percussions draw influences from Wipers, Dead Moon, Health and Godflesh, the beguiling vocal melodies are dressed with Depeche Mode and Primal Scream undertones. 

You Will Never Find Peace also features notable collaborations from Gabriel Franco (Unto Others, formerly known as Idle Hands), Kyle Kimball (Nothing, Night Sins) and a remix by Selofan.

Additionally, Mike Sharp (Uniform) plays drums on the album and Dwid Hellion (Integrity) provided the artwork. The album was mastered by Arthur Rizk (Prurient, Power Trip, Code Orange) and produced by Ben Greenberg (Uniform, Cold Cave, Ceremony); the latter describes Deathsomnia's blending of subtle industrial elements into guitar driven songs as "cyberpunk and a welcomed break from current popular darkwave aesthetic tropes."

You Will Never Find Peace is available for pre-order now here. See Deathsomnia on tour this summer and fall with She Past Away, Godflesh and others (dates below) and look for more news and music from Deathsomnia to surface soon.

Deathsomnia on tour:
08-18-2021 Fekete Zaj Festival - Hungary
09-09-2021 Akropolis - Prague, Czech Republic *
09-10-2021 Klub Proxima - Warsaw, Poland *
09-11-2021 Klub Stary Klasztor - Wrocław, Poland *
10-01-2021 Tallinn Music Week - Tallinn, Estonia
10-08-2021 Vera - Groningen, Netherlands *
10-09-2021 De Helling - Utrecht, Netherlands *
10-15-2021 Kablys - Vilnius, Lithuania *
10-16-2021 Sveta - Tallinn, Estonia *
03-11-2022 Factory - Magdeburg, Germany *
03-12-2022 Markthalle - Hamburg, Germany *
03-13-2022 Mau Club - Rostock, Germany *
03-24-2022 Gleis 22 - Münster, Germany *
03-25-2022 Cub Vaudeville - Lindau, Germany *
03-26-2022 Hellraiser - Leipzig, Germany *
06-16-2022 Astra - Berlin, Germany *
07-29-2022 Fluff Festival - Czech Republic
10-22-2022 MOD - St Petersburg, Russia ^
10-23-2022 Aglomerat - Moscow, Russia ^

* w/ She Past Away
^ w/ Godflesh


released September 3, 2021


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Deathsomnia UK

Deathsomnia is a UK and Estonia based three-piece band bringing forth a unique sound emanating from dystopian industrial punk soundscapes enveloped in raw emotion, industrial climatic momentum and live band energy.

Featuring members of Bedless Bones and Telepathy
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